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Carlos O’Farrill
2074 Robie St
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 5L3
H:(902) 4 46 6318 . C:(902) 448 12 12 .


I am an energetic, hardworking recent graduate who is seeking a position in the culinary arts field that requires a superior knowledge of cuisine and technique in the kitchen.

Skills Summary:
5 years of Management experience
Restaurant experience in all levels
Ability to learn and adapt quickly and pass the knowledge on to others

Cuisine Diploma
Le Cordon Bleu Paris Culinary Arts Institute of Ottawa, Ontario Canada.
Graduated March 2005

-Basic Cuisine Certificate
-Intermediate Cuisine Certificate
-Superior Cuisine Certificate

· Developed the fundamental techniques in French Gastronomy to work in a high paced culinary environment.
· Learned, practiced and maintained a high level of food and kitchen safety.
· Gained experience in working in a high pressure environment.

Certificad de Traiteur
(Catering Certificate)
Le Cordon Bleu Paris Culinary Arts Institute of Ottawa, Ontario Canada.
Graduated September 2004
· Developed the skills required to determine and prepare a variety of hot and cold foods for any number of guests.
· Expanded my experience in a fast paced catering kitchen paying attention to quality, quantity and safety.
· Expanded my ability to work in a team to reach a common goal on schedule.

Algonquin Collage
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Completed level 5, December 2003.
· Developed and practiced basic and intermediate level English in the areas of grammar, writing and reading skills.

Livello 1: lengua Italiana
( level 1: Italian language)
Centro Lingüístico Italiano Dante Alighieri
Florence, Italy
Completed March 2003.
· Learned and practiced Italian Language and developed the necessary skills to be able to function in Italian culture and cuisine.
· Learned and developed the practical skills of Italian Cuisine.

Turismo (3 years)
Centro de Estudios Lomas
México City Estado de México, México
· Learned the necessary management skills appropriate for Hotel and Restaurant operations.
· Developed the skills for hotel and restaurant planning.

Assistant Director
Industrial Patrona S.A.
A factory to manufacture, produce and distribute edible oil products.
1 year (2002-2003)
· Managed and took responsibility for in excess of 100 employees
· Responsible for maintaining inventory and international ordering.
· Produced reports and quality, procedures and company standards for government review and company rating and ranking.
· Liaise between upper management and employees and maintain appropriate relations.

Store Manager
Ice Cream Bing Franchise
5 years (1998-2003)
· Responsible for employee relations, hiring, training and termination.
· Produced weekly employee schedules.
· Responsible for inventory
· Conducted routine store maintenance.

Other experience
6 years (1997-2003)
· Experience in all levels of restaurant employment from Dishwasher, Busser, Host, Server and Chef de Partie (Italian and Mexican food)
· Experience in event planning including the areas of logistics, food and beverage, Sponsorship and promotion.

· Organized 2 large raves with in excess of 1000 people per event, taking care of all aspects of event.


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