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martes 3 de mayo, 2005 a las 15:02/por

Daniel Guazzini.. I'm searching a Job as Bartender in Cancun for this summer..

Good Mornig,
my name is Daniel Guazzini, and I'm a 21years old Italian student...
I'm searching some help to find a Job as Bartender this summer (July-August) in
Mexico.. (I've the "Professione Barman AIBES Cetificate", AIBES is one
of the "International Bartenders Association" group,
I know that's difficoult to find a Job by e-mail, but the problem is
that at the moment I'm in Italy and I don't know if I need to search
the job from here before planning the trip or it's better to come to
Mexico and search it directly there..
Do you know how can I find it?
I'm not so much interested to earn money, as to improve my knowledge
of English and Spanish in a place in touch with people...
Any proposal or information about that, will be really useful and
appreciated from me..
I'm really thankful to you for your time..
Best Regards

Daniel Guazzini
Florence, Italy


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