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Cancun epitomizes the popular view of a sun, fun, tropical resort. The idyll: swathes of inviting sandy beaches, magnificent water sports, relaxing in the sun; for many Cancun can be no better.

Cancun is an ideal vacation destination for people of all ages. Most people think of Cancun and they think about the nightlife, the fun, the tequila and the parties. There~s so much more to see and do in Cancun as well. How about the world class snorkeling or scuba diving? Cancun is ideally located, close to amenities where tourists can swim with the dolphins in the ocean. There are also many archeological places of interest to visit while in Cancun.

The area of Cancun relies almost solely on tourism; as such everything is made easy for visitors. This includes everything from shopping to eating. Tourists are, however, advised to drink bottled water only.

Given the focus on tourism, it is not surprising that there is an area of Cancun, which spans 14 miles, that is dedicated to hotels. Amongst this strip of hotels there are also a wide range of restaurants, discos and nightclubs. If you are taking younger children to Cancun, it is well worth choosing your hotel carefully. Many of the hotels offer superb children's entertainment including supervised clubs so that parents can enjoy some peace and quiet. Of course, there is always the seaside that is guaranteed to amuse even the fussiest of children!

Water sports feature large in the resort of Cancun. Organized tours to the surrounding area are also popular.
Some people holidaying in Cancun prefer to lounge around in the sun all day, in their swimwear, enjoying the delightful beaches and taking the occasional dip. For them, relaxation is the name of the game. But, if this is your bag, don't forget the high factor sun lotion!

Because of its proximity, location, wide range of facilities, and acceptance of US dollar currency, Cancun is, needless to say, very popular with US tourists.

Not only has Cancun got something to offer everyone, but it is can also be a cheap holiday. Cheap flights are often available and there are a wide range of hotels to suit all budgets. As with any holiday destination, off season prices are substantially cheaper than peak season. Given the wide choice of hotels it is possible to find both budget accommodation and fine dining, all within a few miles of each other. Whatever you are looking for, Cancun has it all!

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