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Dear Mananger of Human Rescourses
To whom it may concern,
The motive of this mail is to enable me to continue growing from a personal, curricular, and laboral point of view. I am Licensed in Physical Education, and I have worked as a Coordinator, Manager and Director of various Spas.
I have also worked as a Dealer (Casino) in the Hotel Casino Conrad in Punta del Este Uruguay. You could me in mind if a position opens in your establishment.
Thanks for your attention,
Andrés Silvera

Andrés Fabricio Silvera Lemos

Date of Birth. : 24/09/74
Place : Cerro Largo, Melo, Uruguay.
Sex.: Male
I.D. or C.I. : 3.673.740-9
Marital Status: Single
Home Address: P 4.5 Orinoco 1889 and Rimark street. Building: Ibirapita, Flat: 107 Punta del Este. Maldonado. Uruguay.
PH. # 099268884

STUDIES (Educations)

Primary School No.3, Juana of Ibarborou. Cerro Largo Melo.
High School No.1. Cerro Largo Melo. Melo.
Military Lyceum (Academy): General Artigas. Camino Castro 290 Street. Montevideo Uruguay. 2 Year

Graduated 4th Year Anglo Institute.
English Educations for Hotel y Casinos. Hotel & Casino Conrad.
Basic Portuguese
Spanish (native speaker)
Computation: PC. CP. (Basic and Advanced) 2001. Institute @Net. News. Maldonado. Uruguay
Course of Specialization in Sports Marketing (International Convention). June 2000. Club Sogipa, Porto Alegre . Brazil.
Courses and Conferences on Marketing and Economy Opportunities in times of Crisis, Catholic University, year 2003. Punta del Este Uruguay. Treated themes: (The Challenge of the Export, Management and Marketing, Economic environment, Techniques of Negotiation, An imperious need: to Negotiate the risks of the business, Heading in Times of Crisis 7. CRM: A new strategy to negotiate accounts receivable of clients)
Managment and Submangments Course; Hotel Conrad and Catholic University, year 2004.
Professional of Casino, Titled in Casino Dealer, since 2004
Titled in Physical Education (Licensed and a Teacher). I.S.E.F. Maldonado Uruguay

Other studies Within Uruguay, Brasil, y Argentina

Judo. National and International Champion. From 1980 to 1993.
Swimming, Champion, International Championship of Integration. February of 2000. Cantegril Country Club. Punta del Este. Uruguay.
Course of Specialization in Swimming for infants- babies (Matronatación), June 1999. School Sagrada Familia. Montevideo Uruguay
Course of Specialization in Swimming for Pre- School. June 1997, Club Sogipa. Porto Alegre. Brazil.
Course of Specialization in Muscular Development; Physical Fitness and Weight Training. June 1997. Club Sogipa, Porto Alegre. Brazil.
Course of Specialization in Recreational Activities. August. 1997. University City Buenos Aires. Argentina.
Course of Specialization in Aerobic Gymnastics, Step and Funky. April 1997. J. P. Productions. Montevideo.
Course of Specialization in Aerobic Gymnastics, Fitness, Nutrition and Energy. May 1997. Club Malvín. Montevideo.
Course of investigators in Physical Educations. October 1997. Superior Institute of Physical Education, Alberto Langlade. Montevideo.
Course: Workshop of Velocity in Physical Aptitudes. June 1997. Superior Institute of Physical Education, Alberto Langlade (ISEF). Montevideo.
International Course in the Educational Environment: Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. June 1998. I. M.E.T. Punta del Este. Maldonado.
2do Literary Society in the Environment of the Recreation (Been Present). May 1998. Superior Institute of Physical Education, Alberto Langlade, (ISEF).Montevideo.
Physical Education literary Society 3er (Science or Sciences). June 1998. Superior Institute of Physical Education, Alberto Langlade, (ISEF) Montevideo.
Course of Specialization in Soccer Ondino Viera.December 1998. Social and Sports Club Melo Wanders. Cerro Largo. Melo.
Course of Specialization in Hidrogym, and Exercises Rehabilitations Aquatic (International Convention). June of 2000. Club Sogipa. Porto Alegre. Brazil.
Professor (Teacher) of Education. Maldonado. Graduate December of 2003.
Course of Actualizations Educational in Primary Coordination and Initial Level, June of 2002. School I.U.A. Punta del Este Uruguay
Course Mega Clinic of Soccer and Training, Campus of Maldonado. November of 2003.
Course of actualizations in Wounds Traumatic more frequent in the Apparatus Locomotive (Classification, Processing and Rehabilitation) , and Basic Physical Conditioning for the User . Hotel Conrad. Punta del Este. June of 2004.
Course: Cardiovascular Rehabilitation (Description of pathologies, classification and guidelines of rehabilitation), and special physical Conditioning for diabetic and obese; nutritious Guide for the enthusiastic sportsman. Hotel Conrad Punta del Este. July of 2004.
Course: chronic Pathologies of the apparatus locomotive (classification, processing and rehabilitation). Conrad. Punta del Este Hotel. Uruguay. July of 2004.

Publications: (diverse articles in magazines and daily - investigations)
Muscular Fatigue. Trisemanario Profesional Newspapers. Year 1999
Training with Cardiac Monitor Trisemanario Profesional Newspapers. Year 1999
Planning and control of Soccer Player Training. Trisemanario Profesional Newspapers. Year 1999
Internal and external Psicologican factors that impact in the sportsman; Trisemanario Profesional Newspapers. Year 1999
Corporal evaluations Realidad Semanal Newspapers. Year 2001
Actually I`m continuing Investigations about , effects and benefits on: The Sauna, Steam Bath and Jacuzzi.

Work experience

Lifeguard Club Union of Melo.Cerro Largo Season 1993/94/95.
Judge of Swimming. championship Departmental. Social and Sports club Melo Wanders.
Lifeguard Club Social and Sports Melo Wanders. Cerro Largo. Uruguay. 1994/95
Security. Disco La Morocha. Season 1995/96.
Professor (Teacher) of Training Personalized since 1995.
Professor (Teacher) of Swimming, Aerobic Gymnastics, Located, Personal Trainer and Lifeguard. Season 1995/96/97. Residential Complex Lincoln Center. P. 19, Mansa Beach. 1997 Sport Manager. Punta del Este.
Professor (Teacher) of Muscular Development, Physical Fitness, Weight Training and Aerobic Style Gym. Maldonado. 1997
Judge Departmental Championship of School Athletics. October 1997 San Carlos. Maldonado.
Judge Championship of Swimming National July of 1997. Municipal Campus of Maldonado.
Professor (Teacher) of Muscular Development, Physical Fitness, Weight Training, Aerobic, Located, Aerosamba, Weightlifting, Physical bodybuilding, Programs of Training and Rehabilitations in general. Organization and Marketing. e Gymnasium Mac Gym. San Carlos. Maldonado. From March 99 to June 99 Sports Manager. (After That I went to work at Spa Du Soleil).
Professor (Teacher) of Physical Educations and Soccer. Punta del Este. College I.U.A. (1998/99).
Coordinating and Swimming Teacher. Organization of Championships. Season 1998/99. Club Union of Melo. Cerro Largo. Uruguay.
Planifications and control of training of the team of Soccer. Club Melo Wanders. (D.T. Luis Orlando Guasque). Evaluations. 98/99. Cerro Largo Melo. Uruguay
Evaluations and control of training. Club Conventos. (Coach Jorje Cabadini). 98/99. Cerro Largo Melo.
Physical Coach of Cerro Largo Soccer Selection, Championship of the Interior.1998/99.
Manager Gym Buye. Cerro Largo Melo. Uruguay Season 98/99.
Exposition of different Sports articles, and aspects Psico Social that affect to the Sportsman; in the Newspaper Trisemanario Professional. Season 1998/99. Cerro Largo. Melo.
Teacher of Hidrogym, Aerobic, Aerosamba, Afro aerobic, Step, Located and Tae-Box. 1999/01. Cantegril Country Club. Punta del Este. Uruguay

Spa of Soleil, Hotel Golden Beach. Punta del Este:
1. Professor of Aerobic, Step, Located, Aero-box, and Muscular Development, Physical Fitness, Weight Training from April 1999 to July 1999.
2. Massajist (Sports Massage and Relaxation), Professor of Swimming and Matronatación (Swimming for Babies). from August 1999 to November, 1999.
3. Sports coordinator. From December 1999 to March 2000
4. Sports Manager. From April 2000 to April 2001. Organization of the events and/or championships.
5. General Director. (Organization, Marketing and Control). From April from 2001 to January 31, 2003 . (Golden Spa). (After That I went to Work at the Spa in Conrad Hotel)

Physical Coach Club Peñarol of Maldonado (1ra and 3ra division) March to December 2002.
Organization of Festivals and Events (Restaurant Golden Cown and Restaurant Riva Grill, Punta del Este). From April 2001 to January of 2003.
School I.U.A Professor of Physical Education Preschool and Soccer. (Besides organization of punctual events like Kid`s Day, Father, etc). From March to December 2002.
January to November 2003, Spa Hotel Conrad. Punta del Este . I worked with, Programs of Training for lossing of weight, Rehabilitation, etc. Attention in Room of Musculations and Reception.
From March 13, 2003 to now Physical Fitness and Coach Five Star Conrad, we were first (Champions in the 3ra Division, and Champions in the 1ra division).
Presently Supervisor of Spa, Hotel & Casino Conrad (December of 2003- 2004).
To present, Croupier (DEALER)- (Black Jack and Roulette), Hotel and Casino Conrad, since December 2004

Labor references:
Walter Rodriguez. Former Director of RRHH. Hotel & Casino Conrad. Punta del Este Uruguay. Pone: 099635857
David Goldfein Director of Sales. Hotel & Casino Conrad. Hotel & Casino Conrad. Punta del Este Uruguay Tel: 491111.
Víctor Peña. Director of Casino. Hotel & Casino Conrad. Punta del Este Uruguay Pone: 491111
Gustavo Larrañaga or Lilian Asis. Owners Store Los Muchachos. Sarandi; Maldonado. Uruguay 221942
Iurich Channels. Organizer of Marketing La Barra Sport-Spa. Punta del Este Uruguay. Pone: 094486828
Edgar Feredjian. Director General. Hotel & Casino Conrad. Punta del Este Uruguay . Uruguay. Pone 491111
Irene Silva. Coordinadora of Capacitations. Hotel & Casino Conrad. Punta del Este Uruguay
Samuel Rodrigues. Ejective Casino Marketing Vip. Casino Mantra. Punta del Este. Uruguay. Pone 099930814


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