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Nearly 15 million pesos are invested for improvements in Q.Roo docks

martes 24 de octubre, 2017 a las 05:43/por emontes

Isla Mujeres, QRoo, Mexico, Oct. 23 (Notimex).- The Integral Port Authority of Quintana Roo (APIQROO, for its acronym in Spanish) invested 14 million 788 thousand 726.38 pesos in one year for the maintenance, reconstruction of maritime terminals, equipment and personnel training, said its director general, Alicia Ricalde Magaña.

She added that additionally, a saving of 32 percent was achieved in current expenditure, which is equivalent to 2 million, 10 thousand 166 pesos, compared to the expenditure incurred during the last year of the previous administration.

In the framework of the presentation of her first work report in front of the company, said that the arrival of cruise passengers rising in all the terminals of Quintana Roo.

Regarding the statistics on the arrival of boats and passengers in the port facilities, she pointed out that shipping companies replaced boats with higher capacity vessels, so that their arrival decreased in some terminals although the number of passengers increased in all.

In that sense, she said that Chetumal recorded a decrease in the arrival of boats of 1%, that is, about 8 fewer arrivals, but in passengers the increase was 6.6%, with 1,630 more compared to the same period.

She added that Cozumel had a 13% increase in arrivals of cruise ships, with 144 more boats and 13.5% in arrival of passengers, with 473,442 more.

Similarly, she said that the San Miguel Route had 30.21% in vessel movements, (ie 7,992 more movements) and 24.97% more passengers (885,253).

As for Isla Mujeres, she explained that had 1.40% less boat movements (about 647 fewer operations) but a 10.60% increase in the number of passengers (442,630).

Ricalde Magaña specified that in the ferry of the same island there was a 9.47% increase in the number of operations, registering 433 and 31.62% increase in cargo, with 104,518 tons.

The increase of passengers in the same terminal was of 25.46% (66,142 passengers more), and 11.16% above the same period in vehicles (8,332 more).



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